Sublime dans le cadre de la soirée Tokyo-Paris by RKK – festival Temps d’images

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11 Responses to “Sublime dans le cadre de la soirée Tokyo-Paris by RKK – festival Temps d’images”

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  2. I can’t imagine how a builder or architect could miss that the entire Edwardian / Victorian area is constructed out of red brick and mortar. That facade looks so cheesy, like a faux Medieval Times dinner theater. Yeah, a business might want to stand out, but not these reasons.

  3. Once sat on a wall next to the sea and I decided to swing my legs over the wall to face the sea, one of my shoes flew off and landed in water, There was one lady close to fishing for she got her stick and fished it for me, I was embarrassed at the time but laugh today when I think about it.

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    Yeah that’s what I’m talking about baby–nice work!

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  7. We’ve also taken the liberty of sending an email to Sari, based on the one you sent (we hope you don’t mind). No response as of yet, but Sari’s inbox is probably pretty full by now…

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